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ICIS – China Polymer Trade Article

Bob and Jean:

I read your article on China polymers trade in the May 21-27 issue of ICIS Chemical Business and, as I have always known, both of you do excellent analysis that leads to great business insight. Continue reading

China Article in ICIS Chemical Business

This article on China’s commodity polymer trade flows was published today in ICIS Chemical Business:

The data in the article is entirely from ITP’s China Polymer Trade Report. The article was co-authored by Jean J Sudol, president of International Trader Publications and Robert Bauman of Polymer Consulting International.

PSX Trade Grows in 2011; PSN, ABS, SAN and Styrene Trade Contracts

Weak demand was apparent from the reduced volumes of PSN, ABS, SAN and styrene traded globally in 2011. PSX trade volume expanded, but at a slower rate than in 2010.
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