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Jean Sudol is president of International Trader Publications, which analyzes global trade flows in polymers and chemicals. Prior to founding ITP in 1984, she worked in research at Union Carbide, in planning at Mobil Chemical, and, following that, in the industry as a consultant on trade. Jean has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Fordham University, a Masters degree in Organic Chemistry from New York University and a Masters degree in Business from Manhattan College.

Changes in China’s Imports of Polyethylene by Region

In April 2019, for the second month in a row, China’s imports of ethylene polymers hit a new record high. Year to date, reduced volumes from North America were offset by increased volumes from Asia-Pacific sources.

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Surge in US Exports of PE in March 2019; Declining Imports of Fabricated Plastic Products

The US exported 800,000 tons of ethylene polymers in March 2019, a new record. Imports of fabricated plastic products, many of which come from China, were impacted by the US-China trade war.

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China’s PE Imports Reach a New High in March; Exports of Fabricated Plastic Products Dampened

China’s imports of ethylene polymers slowed only slightly for the New Year holiday in February and then shot to a new record in March 2019. Exports of fabricated plastic products, however, fell sharply in February, with only a partial rebound in March.

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Update on the US – China Trade War

Late on Friday, May 3, a diplomatic cable from China to Washington edited out core provisions from the 150-page draft agreement that had been the result of months of negotiations between the two countries. Instead of a signing ceremony possibly by the end of May, the US will now raise duties from 10% to 25% on $200 B of imports from China at 12:01 AM on May 10th and may apply duties to an additional $325 B that have not yet been hit with duties – essentially impacting everything the US imports from China.

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Trends in Eastern Europe’s Trade in Expandable Polystyrene in 2018

Continued growth in expandable polystyrene demand in Eastern Europe was evident from both the region’s higher intra-regional trade and also higher imports over the last three years from 2015 through 2018. For the first time over that period, in 2018 Eastern Europe’s imports from Western Europe slipped.

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