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New Polymer Trade Reports for Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Iran, Korea, Singapore, Thailand and United States

Each of these 50-page monthly Reports has the latest government statistics for each country, published as soon as available. You see how trading partners, volumes, prices and trends differ for each country’s:

  • imports and exports of All Polymers of Ethylene, All Polymers of Propylene, All Polymers of Styrene, All Polymers of Vinyl Chloride and All Polymers of PET
  • recycle PE, PP, PS, PVC and PET imports and exports
  • imports and exports of key plastic products, including polyethylene bags, PE and PP film/sheet and PVC Floor/Wall Coverings

ITP’s Fixed-Position Matrixes – now free to subscribers!

ITP’s unique World Trade Matrixes are now freely available in a full, fixed-position, Excel format that gives subscribers the ability to customize world trade data any way they choose. With all importing and exporting countries always in the same column and row positions, subscribers can aggregate countries and regions, add together Matrixes for different products, create monthly Matrixes from the year to date data, and more.
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News Release on China’s Commodity Polymer Trade in 2013

A few highlights of China’s trade in commodity polymers in 2013 are summarized in the News Release that can be accessed by clicking on The China Polymer Trade Report icon on the ITP home page.

The News Release covers:

* The growth in China’s imports of LDPE and HDPE from 2011 through 2013

* The impact of restricted imports of recycle polyethylene on imports of virgin polymer in 2013

* Trends in China’s exports of PVC

* Trends in China’s exports of PET

* Trends in China’s exports of fabricated plastic products