Global Polypropylene Trade Volume Up 2% Through May, 2019

The volume of polypropylene homopolymer traded globally through May 2019, over 7 million tons, was up 2% versus the same period in 2018 based on ITP’s analysis of the latest available statistics.

The same increase, up 2%, was evident for polypropylene trade in 2018 versus 2017.

Western Europe imported over 500,000 tons through May, 2019, up 16%, polymer mainly from the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Asia-Pacific imports rose 4%, to nearly 1 million tons on supplies from the Middle East and smaller volumes from North America, Western Europe and Africa.

Written by Jean J. Sudol. Data from International Trader Publications’ Polypropylene World Trade Report, a continuously updated analysis of global trade flows.