ITP’s Ethylene Equivalents Matrix: How Much Ethylene is Traded Globally as Derivatives and Monomer

ITP’s Ethylene Equivalents World Trade Matrix and its accompanying Ethylene Equivalents Summary by Region show the total volume of ethylene traded globally in the form of ethylene-containing derivatives and as ethylene monomer. The Matrix is developed to subscriber specifications from the import and export statistics in ITP’s database.

The individual derivatives used to create the Ethylene Equivalents Matrix and Summary by Region, as well as the ethylene content percentages applied to each derivative, are chosen by the subscriber. Products that can be included are: DEG, EDC, ethylene, ethylene copolymers, EVA, MEG, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PET, propylene, propylene copolymers, PSX, PSN, PVC, styrene and VCM.

Once the product mix and the specific ethylene equivalent factors applied to each product are determined, separate World Trade Matrixes are run and then combined into a final Ethylene Equivalents Matrix. 

Both the Matrix and the Summary are available in a single Excel workbook.

Both the Matrix and the Summary show percentage changes versus prior periods.

All underlying Matrixes are available for individual drill down.

This service is available as frequently as needed.

This service is available for current as well as prior periods.

(A Styrene Equivalents Matrix can also be developed using ABS, SAN, polystyrene and styrene.)

This Support Service is available only to subscribers. The basic cost is $75/product included/period. Contact  ITP to receive more information:

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