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China’s PE Imports at Record Levels Despite the US/China Trade War

Duties of 25% on imports from the US of most polyethylene grades have had little effect on China’s total imports, which were at record levels from March through May, 2019.

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Changes in China’s Imports of Polyethylene by Region

In April 2019, for the second month in a row, China’s imports of ethylene polymers hit a new record high. Year to date, reduced volumes from North America were offset by increased volumes from Asia-Pacific sources.

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China’s PE Imports Reach a New High in March; Exports of Fabricated Plastic Products Dampened

China’s imports of ethylene polymers slowed only slightly for the New Year holiday in February and then shot to a new record in March 2019. Exports of fabricated plastic products, however, fell sharply in February, with only a partial rebound in March.

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China Imported Record Volumes of Polymers and Other Products in January 2019

In advance of the Chinese New Year holiday beginning on February 5th, China’s imports of many products jumped to new highs in January.

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China’s Polymer Trade in 2018

Much higher imports of polyethylene and styrenic polymers, reduced polymer imports from the US, no imports of recycle polymers, and, record high exports of fabricated plastic products characterized China’s trade in 2018.

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China’s Imports of Recycle Polyethylene from Europe, North America and Asia Each Down 20-30%

China imported 1.9 million tons of recycle polyethylene from all sources in 2017, down 23%. Imports trended lower for most of the year with further declines expected in 2018 as restrictions come into full force. Continue reading