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China Imported Record Volumes of Polymers and Other Products in January 2019

In advance of the Chinese New Year holiday beginning on February 5th, China’s imports of many products jumped to new highs in January.

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Latest Trade Projections for 2015

Trade indicates trends in global demand. Increased trade volume generally indicates growth in demand; decreased trade volume indicates contraction. Continue reading

ITP’s Ethylene Equivalents Matrix: How Much Ethylene is Traded Globally as Derivatives and Monomer

ITP’s Ethylene Equivalents World Trade Matrix and its accompanying Ethylene Equivalents Summary by Region show the total volume of ethylene traded globally in the form of ethylene-containing derivatives and as ethylene monomer. The Matrix is developed to subscriber specifications from the import and export statistics in ITP’s database. Continue reading

Trends in Ethylene and Propylene Monomer Global Trade in 2011 – Preliminary

Preliminary data showed an increase in ethylene monomer global trade volume in 2011 from the prior year but decreased propylene monomer trade. Much higher exports of both monomers were evident from the Middle East; much higher exports of ethylene were seen from North America. Continue reading

China’s Polymer Imports Slow on Lower Demand

China’s imports of most polymers showed moderate declines through July 2011, ranging from down 2% to down 11%. Imports of EVA and propylene copolymers increased. Imports of methanol and ethylene were up sharply. Continue reading