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China’s Trade June 2016 YTD: Generally Lower Imports; Big Gains on Some Exports

China’s imports of most polymers and chemical were lower in the first half of 2016 than in the same period in the prior year. Exceptions were imports of: ethylene, EVA, propylene oxide and, especially, methanol. China’s exports of PVC, polypropylene, PTA, VAM and non-expandable polystyene surged. Shipments of polyethylene also were up. Continue reading

Global Polystyrene Trade Contracts in 2013; Strong Expansion in Styrene Monomer Trade

Global trade in both non-expandable (general purpose) polystyrene and expandable polystyrene contracted by 3% in 2013, noting declines also in 2012. ITP measured 3.5 million tons of PSN trade and 2.1 million tons of PSX. Styrene monomer trade grew 7%, to 10.9 million tons. Trends in global trade volume for widely traded products are an indicator of global demand. Continue reading

ITP’s Ethylene Equivalents Matrix: How Much Ethylene is Traded Globally as Derivatives and Monomer

ITP’s Ethylene Equivalents World Trade Matrix and its accompanying Ethylene Equivalents Summary by Region show the total volume of ethylene traded globally in the form of ethylene-containing derivatives and as ethylene monomer. The Matrix is developed to subscriber specifications from the import and export statistics in ITP’s database. Continue reading

PSX Trade Grows in 2011; PSN, ABS, SAN and Styrene Trade Contracts

Weak demand was apparent from the reduced volumes of PSN, ABS, SAN and styrene traded globally in 2011. PSX trade volume expanded, but at a slower rate than in 2010.
Continue reading

News Release

ITP’s World Trade Annual Reviews of 2011 are detailed analyses of trade between countries and regions in 2011. The Reviews are based on import/export statistics from 60 countries, representing nearly all of the world’s trade volume. Continue reading

Trends in Styrenics Trade in 2011 – Preliminary

Preliminary overview of styrenics trade in 2011: lower global trade volume in ABS, SAN, non-expandable polystyrene and styrene; moderately higher expandable polystyrene volume; much higher Asia-Pacific exports of polystyrene and SAN to Western Europe and Eastern Europe. Continue reading