The Latest Trade Information for All Countries Now Available to Subscribers

Subscribers to International Trader Publication’s Monthly Newsletters on global trade in polymers and chemicals can now access from the ITP website the most current trade information for every country in their newsletters.¬†Each newsletter includes up to 60 countries and captures nearly all of the world’s trade volume.

Each country is updated as soon as the statistics are released and the information is presented quantitatively and visually: tables show trading partners for the latest month, quantities and average prices, and also trading partner volume year to date and percent change from the prior year; graphs show the trend in monthly quantity and average prices.

A special feature included in this new service are countries that do not publish statistics. This includes Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and others in the Middle East, as well as countries in other regions that also restrict their statistics. Trade for these countries is derived from trading partner countries.