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We offer a wide variety of Data Services that are customizable, reasonably priced, flexible and time-saving.

Customized Trade Information:

ITP can provide trade information for any product that is identified within the worldwide Harmonized System of product coding. We can research a product and provide any level of information, from imports/exports for specific countries to a global view of trade between all countries.

ITP’s Data Services save you time and money. They are customized to exactly what you need and when you need it, whether it is:

1. historic volume/price history for any product
2. import/export data in an easy to manipulate format
3. specific subsets of key trade information
4. back issues of World Trade Reports or World Trade Matrixes
5. global ethylene and/or propylene trade equivalents
6. trade data for countries that do not publish trade statistics, i.e. Kuwait or U.A.E.

To discuss your requirements, please contact us.

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