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International Trader Publications analyzes global trade flows. Using the latest import/export statistics from 100 countries, and a unique methodology, we provide a clear picture of trade between countries and regions.
Our World Trade Analyses, Trade Archive, and Data Services are available for polymers, recyclable polymers, fabricated plastic products, chemicals, liquefied gases, and other products.

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World Trade Analysis by Product

Continuously updated global analysis of the latest trade flows between countries and world regions. Expanded coverage of Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

Polymer Trade Reports by Country

Online monthly reports analyzing imports and exports of commodity polymers, recyclable polymers, and fabricated plastic products for Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Iran, Korea, Singapore, Thailand and the United States.

Trade Archive from 2010

The Trade Archive of historic data is an indispensable resource for understanding long-term trends in trade for each country, region, and globally.

Data Services

Customized trade information in a wide variety of formats designed to meet subscriber's specific needs.

Harmonized System Trade Data

Trade information at any level of detail for any product traded globally.