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Polymer Trade Reports
by Country

Online monthly Reports focusing on a country’s trade in commodity polymers, recycle polymers, and fabricated plastic products.

Yearend 2019 edition also available separately.

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Polymer Trade Reports

  • Show a country’s imports and exports of LDPE, LLDPE/EAOC, HDPE, EVA, polypropylene, propylene copolymers, general purpose polystyrene, expandable polystyrene, ABS, SAN, PVC and PET
  • Follow recycle PE, PP, PS, PVC and PET imports and exports
  • Quantify imports and exports of key plastic products

Polymer Trade Reports feature:

  • The latest government trade statistics from each country
  • Trading partner countries, volumes and prices for each month
  • Imports and exports year to date, with percent change
  • Graphs of monthly volumes and prices
  • Thirteen monthly Reports in each subscription
  • Yearend editions also available separately

Available Reports:

  1. Brazil Polymer Trade Report
  2. China Polymer Trade Report
  3. Colombia Polymer Trade Report
  4. India Polymer Trade Report
  5. Iran Polymer Trade Report
  6. Korea Polymer Trade Report
  7. Singapore Polymer Trade Report
  8. Thailand Polymer Trade Report
  9. United States Polymer Trade Report

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